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Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

Which is the customs office engaged in air route trade?

It is the Tribhuvan International Airport Customs Office.

 How many customs offices are there in Nepal and where they are?

There are 30 customs offices within Nepal.

In land route there are 9 in Northern borders, 20 in border with India and one in air route i.e. T.I.A Customs Office in Kathmandu.

Can I clear my goods at any Customs office or should they must be cleared at a specific Customs office?

No,you must clear the goods at the Customs office of the border post where the goods are imported or exported.

Does size matter for Air Freight?

Air Freight is based on both the actual weight and changeable weight of the cargo.

What’s the difference between Parcel and Freight?

Parcel or courier shipments are small, lightweight, individually packaged and labeled, and they typically weigh 75 pounds or less. However, most parcel carriers allow shipments of up to 150 pounds and 165” in length + girth. Freight, on the other hand, is any shipment that weighs more than 150 pounds and is normally boxed, palletized or crated.

Are there guaranteed pickups?

There are not guaranteed pickups for LTL carriers but there are guaranteed deliveries. If there is a weather problem, strike or even health situations (e.g. Covid), guaranteed deliveries passed to a accelerated service. If there is any delay on the service, it may happen that the carrier will charge the regular rate, but they are not going to remove the fee as some customers believe.

Can you deliver to a residential area?

Yes, it has an extra cost which depends on the carrier.

Which information should i know in order to get a quote?

Dimensions of the pieces, weight of each piece, commercial value, city and zip code of origin and destination, description of the cargo,etc.

Is there an extra charge to deliver a cargo in a remote area?

Yes,you should provide us the detail loations with zip code so that we can search for the extra delivery charge within your area.

What is the difference between cargo and courier?

Courier are mostly used for the delivery of small packages,light packages or important products which needs to be delivered to destinations in as hort period of time whereas,Cargoes are used to transport large,heavy products to different places of the world in bulk.